Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Violently Dog-Aggressive Rottweiler

Season 1 | Episode 21 | Nicki

Nicki, a 4-year old black Rottweiler, suffered terribly in his first life. His first owners were a homeless man and woman who left him tied under a bridge with a painful wire hanger collar. Nicki was rescued and taken to a vet who had to surgically remove the wire collar that had grown into his neck. His next owner wanted a watchdog and not a pet so Nicki lived a lonely life, always outside on a cement slab. Then, Nicki was rescued once again by Kathleen Daniels and her son, Donald, who had just lost their own beloved Rottweiler of twelve years. Nicki’s story, however, doesn’t have a happy ending yet. Kathleen is unable to walk Nicki, because he is so violently dog aggressive that she’s afraid he’ll hurt or kill another dog.

Nicki’s deadly dog aggression will put Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan’s talents to the test.

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