Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Busy-Bodied Pit Bull and a Dog-Aggressive Rott/Shepherd Mix

Season 1 | Episode 9 | Churchill and Maya

When it comes to pets, sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Single mom, Athena Blakely and her daughters wouldn’t mind if sometimes Maya, their affable Pit bull, would make herself a little less at home. Maya insists on being intimately involved in all operations of the household, including dinner (stealing the food off of the stove), yard work (biting the rake & digging up the garden), leisure time (biting the girls’ ankles when they play on the swings), and even sanitation (swiping the garbage from the kitchen bin and burying it in Athena’s bed).

Stephanie Caspian had a dream about puppies and when she woke up, she decided that she and her husband, Amir, would go look at dogs at the shelter. A beautiful Rott/Shepherd mix stole their hearts and “Churchill” went home with his new family. Churchill is a well mannered dog except when he’s around other dogs or small animals—then he turns into Cujo. Churchill recently bit a neighbor and we’ll be there when he gets released from the dog shelter.


The stories in this episode are about the importance of taking control of your dog. Whether playful to the verge of annoyance or feisty to the point of posing a danger to others, Maya and Churchill both crave effective discipline in their lives.

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