Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Manic Watchdog American Eskimo, an Overprotective Shiba Inu, and Belligerent Bulldogs

Season 3 | Episode 19 | Cotton, Ricky & Jordan, and Duke & Lila

Meet Cotton, an American Eskimo that has taken the watchdog role too far. Cotton attacks doors and windows whenever people pass by and causes carpool chaos when kids go to school. Then meet Ricky, a Shiba Inu that has become overprotective of playmate Jordan, a Corgi. And finally meet Duke and Lila, two belligerent bulldogs that have taken on the mantra "kill or be killed." Will Cesar be able to rid these dogs of their bad attitudes?


Two Boxers

Dogs are born with pack instinct, but there can be big trouble and destructive consequences when the pack decides to act out independentally of their human owner. That’s why it’s so vital that your dogs not question your leadership.

My clients John and Jeri Wehrle were able to create a strategy where they both walked together and switched dogs halfway though the walk. Since John was the stronger partner, he could take the strongest dog during the first 10-15 minutes, then pass him to his wife. Once the dog had reached a more submissive state of mind, it made it easier for Jeri to become established in the dog’s mind as the same kind of authority figure.

Remember, dogs aren’t born aggressive; it often stems from pent-up frustration, usually due to a lack of exercise and discipline.

Protective Puppy

When dogs first became domesticated, humans admired their protective instincts. They felt safer knowing that their dogs’ barks and growls would warn them against predators. Today, we still sometimes think of our dogs as our protectors, but when that instinct goes awry, there can be trouble.

When one dog becomes overly protective of another, the one being protected becomes the “property” of the other. But as always, if you are seen as the pack leader, any new dog you bring in to the household will automatically know where their place is in the pack. If your leadership is questionable, your dog may take it on herself to assume responsibility for the weaker members of the pack.

Carpool Dog

For busy, dog-owning families, maintaining a consistent morning routine is very important. Like many of us, your mornings are often chaotic and rushed, and your dog will pick up on that energy. If the dog is denied some type of exercise after a good night’s sleep, his frustration from a lack of physical activity, along with the whirlwind of the morning’s circus, can really create an unbalanced state of mind.

Luckily, there’s a remedy. Now what’s the first rule of a balanced dog? Exercise! You need to exercise your dog first thing in the morning. And if you have kids, then yes, you may have to wake up earlier. That’s the tradeoff when you decide to adopt a furry friend into your family.

But trust me, once you get out there and the blood starts flowing, you too will be ready to start your day with a clearer, calmer, more balanced mind! Plus, it will help to cut the chaos and create a different energy for everybody in the family. Don’t believe me? Look to your pooch to see if you’re making positive headway – his behavior will be a direct reflection of your lifestyle and energy.

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