Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Dog-Aggressive Lab/Greayhound Mix and an Anti-Social Rhodesian Ridgeback/Boxer Mix

Season 4 | Episode 12 | Curly and Baxter

First, native New Yorker Peter Spano is at the end of his leash dealing with dog-aggressive Lab-Greyhound mix Curly. Can Cesar teach Curly to get along with other dogs, or does he have another plan in mind?

Then, Rhodesian Ridgeback/Boxer mix Baxter has managed to stump six dog trainers in six and a half years. He has no canine social skills, and his owner hopes that, with Cesar's help, she will find the key to getting him under control.


Nightmare in Central Park

How do you know if you are the wrong person for your dog?

Too many times in my work, I come across a case in which despite best intentions, the match between the dog and its human just doesn't fit. This is why I always suggest that people look at the energy level of the dog before choosing a breed. Never adopt a dog whose energy level is higher than yours.

Researching the breed and understanding the responsibility involved in owning a dog is most important. I have never seen a dog-human relationship go well when it's an "impulse buy."

Remember, a dog realizes how much knowledge you have from day one and if you're not up for the job, your new pet will know. You'll soon create a fight, flight, or avoidance instinct in your dog and he won't follow a leader with unstable energy.

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