Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Hyper-Aggressive Ridgeback/Boxer Mix and Aggressive Whippets

Season 4 | Episode 20 | Chipper and Rudy & Monte

Ridgeback/Boxer mix Chipper's hyper attitude has developed into a severe aggression problem. Then, the owners of pet boutique "OffLeash" call in Cesar to help with their two aggressive whippets Rudy and Monte who bark and lunge at dog visitors.


Pet Shop Boys

I’m pleased that more workplaces are allowing dogs. Dogs are pack animals, so they want to be where the action is. The problem is not every owner has a balanced dog.

The first step to running a successful, dog-friendly workplace is evaluation. How many dogs are in the building and how do they behave? Number two, evaluate those dogs with their handlers, then make a list of the behaviors that might exist. Next, find the dog that is the most balanced and use that dog as an “ambassador” for the new dogs. In other words, make him a role model to show the other dogs the ideal energy and behavior.

Remember, just because a place is “dog friendly” doesn’t mean it is “dog knowledgeable.


Just because you can’t make it to Los Angeles to visit my Dog Psychology Center doesn’t mean you can’t adapt our methods to help your dog become balanced.
Your house and your neighborhood can become your own dog psychology center if you apply rules, boundaries, and limitations; employ helpful tools like a treadmill, backpack, or rollerblades, or call on the services of other balanced dogs to create a pack.

From a dog’s point of view, every day, every moment, and every place they are is an opportunity to return to a balanced state. It’s our responsibility to keep our animals balanced and stable for the benefit of our society and for the benefit of the animal, so use what you have available and start today.

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