Achieving Balance and Harmony


An Unfriendly Host Sheepdog/Collie Mix and a Stair-Scared St. Bernard

Season 5 | Episode 2 | Tobi and Riley

After grieving the death of their previous dog, the Pinner family, Jackie, Chuck, Ryan, Elizabeth, and Cheyenne, decided it was time for a new dog. It was a unanimous decision among the family to get a puppy. After scouring the internet, the Pinners came upon Tobi, a two month old Sheepdog/Collie mix. Tobi was easy to potty train and excelled at obeying basic commands.

But when basic training ended, Tobi stayed in command. When the Pinner children invite friends over, Tobi is the first to make them feel unwelcome, lunging and trying to bite them. Once things calm down, if anyone makes a sudden movement and runs upstairs he’ll chase and nip at them. He also nips people when they start to leave the house. Tobi now has to be locked in the garage when visitors come to call. Jackie wants Cesar to teach the family how to be the pack leaders in their house. Cesar arrives with a plan for the Pinners. Can they turn around totally, territorial Tobi?

Riley and the Twenty Step Program

When the Smith family decided to get a new dog, it was decided that they would get a St. Bernard. Riley joined Patti, Jim, Allison, and Michelle Smith when he was four months old. From the beginning, Riley was notably skittish, jumping at the sound of his food bowl and running from guests. These fears quickly passed, but one phobia continued to escalate: Riley’s fear of the stairs. The now 11 month old, 141 pound St. Bernard is fine with staying downstairs, but the Smiths would like that to change. When it’s bath time, Riley must be sprayed with the hose outside because the only bathtub is on the upper level of the house. Jim, the man of the house, refuses to take on the back-breaking task of carrying him up the stairs. The family has tried numerous techniques to coax Riley up the stairs. They set delicious treats on each step leading to the second floor, they use honey baked ham, and they try everything from pulling, to leading, to calling Riley from the top step, but to no avail. Riley just won’t budge. Cesar Millan arrives in Moorpark, California to help Riley reach the top tier of Smith home. Can Cesar step up to the challenge?

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