Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Male-Aggressive British White Retriever and a Dog-Aggressive Bulldog

Season 5 | Episode 3 | Cricket and Hemingway & Rigby

After their children moved out, Lyndon and Cynthia Murray thought a dog might fill their newly empty nest. Through a breeder they bought Cricket, an 8 week old British white retriever. One month later, as they were settling into their routine, Cricket got hold of a sponge.

When Lyndon tried to take it from him, Cricket went berserk and Lyndon had to wrestle it away from him. Shortly after the sponge incident, Cricket was eating and growled at Lyndon as he walked by his bowl. Lyndon moved Cricket’s bowl into a more central open area, but the growling and aggression continued. He began to eat in a very hurried, panicked way. Even after the Murrays tried claiming the food the Cesar way, Cricket’s aggressive appetite only grew. Recently, Lyndon picked up a bone left on the ground that Cricket had finished eating, and Cricket came back and bit Lyndon on the arm. Lyndon and Cynthia admit they are inexperienced dog owners and really need Cesar’s help and guidance. Can Cesar cut Cricket’s aggressive cravings or will it cost Cesar an arm and a leg?

Rock and Roll Bulldog

Fall Out Boy bassist/lyricist Pete Wentz created a celebrity out of his three year old English Bulldog Hemmingway. The dog has appeared on magazine covers, in music videos with his owner, and even participated in Pete’s wedding to pop star Ashlee Simpson. The newlyweds found themselves with child and thought a playmate for Hemmingway would ease any new baby anxieties. Five month old English Bulldog Rigby joined the budding family, but Hemmingway’s dog aggression has Ashlee and Pete on their toes. Hemmingway has charged after Min Pins, attacked bull terriers, and even attacked Rigby. Ashlee is now over 7 months pregnant and as her due date rapidly approaches, she and Pete want to create a safe and balanced environment for their newborn. Will Cesar have these rock stars and their dogs singing a new tune?

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