Achieving Balance and Harmony


Aggressive Delta and Leash-Fearing Dong-Dong

Season 7 | Episode 15 | Delta and Dong-Dong

Sherrel Grabler and Lynne Haines rescued Delta from a local shelter in January of 2006, shortly after Lynne had been involved in a car accident. They thought Delta would be perfect for keeping Lynn positive during her recovery. They knew Delta was afraid of men and had been victim of animal cruelty, but had no idea how these issues would manifest. One day, Delta bit a contractor working in the house and started attacking the window whenever someone would pass by their home. Since then, the couple has had difficulties containing their dog, and Lynne is fearful that Delta’s strength will cause more severe injuries. Cesar travels to Long Beach, California to help these women reel in Delta’s aggressive attitude.

And Dong-Dong is a black and white Border collie mix who was rescued from a shelter in Taiwan. Since Taiwan has nearly 2 million strays, and black dogs are considered bad luck, the Taiwan Universal Animal Protection Association paid for Dong-Dong to travel to the United States in hopes that he might have a better life. It was then that Rhonda Scarborough found her dream dog. When Rhonda first brought Dong-Dong home, he ran away. Fortunately with the help of neighbors, friends, and family, the Scarboroughs were able to get Dong-Dong back. It was then that Dong Dong found solace in a living room chair. He won’t get up for anything, does not like the leash, started gaining weight, and even got bed sores from sitting in the chair so much. Dong-Dong is afraid of the leash, but without it, the Scarboroughs can’t trust Dong-Dong to go outside. Can Cesar change this dog’s luck and get him out of his chair of solitude?

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