Achieving Balance and Harmony


Expedition Wild’s Casey Anderson’s Uncontrollable Walkers JJ and Ellie, and Child-Aggressive Oscar

Season 7 | Episode 3 | Ellie, JJ, and Oscar

If Cesar has a counterpart in the wooly world of bears, it’s Casey Anderson, star of Nat Geo Wild’s Expedition Wild.  Casey has worked with wild animals since he was a teenager, most specifically, bears.  He and his wife, actress Missi Pyle, even had Casey’s 800 pound bear Brutus acting as “best man” in their wedding.  Grappling grizzlies is one thing, but Casey is hands off when it comes to Missi’s dogs – Rottie mix Ellie and Dalmatian JJ.   Ellie’s biggest problem is her aggression toward other dogs.  Whenever Missi walks the two dogs, Ellie lunges and snaps at the dogs leisurely passing by, and JJ likes to join in on the fun.  Once Ellie starts, the two dogs become completely uncontrollable.  Missi looks to her husband for help, but even Casey’s grizzly taming techniques don’t seem to work.  Cesar comes in to help Casey and Missi, but can Cesar bear these burly burdens?

Oscar was a stray that was rescued in Delaware. When the rescue group received an application from Sebastian and Renée, a professional couple living in Manhattan and Princeton, NJ, it was clear they had found the perfect home for Oscar. Likewise, Sebastian and Renée thought Oscar would be the ideal playmate for their other pit bull, Lola. But Oscar proved to have some inner fears that turned into outer aggression, most notable was his fear of children. The Beas are expecting their first child and Oscar is proving to be a danger to their imminent newborn. The couple worked with many trainers and behaviorists and made sure Oscar got plenty of exercise, but still they could not break Oscar’s behavioral problems. Can Cesar answer the “911” call from the Beas?

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