Achieving Balance and Harmony


Jack, Rita, and Chula

Well, we got to see the much anticipated episode of Dog Whisperer with Chula. I have to tell you we loved it, not only because Chula was in it, but you guys, all of you, did a fantastic job at putting it all together. We have received many calls saying how much everyone enjoyed it, but most of all Jack and I want to let you know, and please pass it on to all who worked on it: EVERYONE did such a GREAT, FANTASTIC job.

One more thing I just have to share: on Easter Day, we had a large family gathering, and I stepped outside making sure to shut the door. Well, my three-year-old grandson must have followed me out, and I did not know, but, by the time I turned to come in the house, Chula was out on the front lawn. At first I did not notice she wasn't attached to her lanyard, but, when I noticed, I just made the "shhh" sound and told her to get into the house. (Cesar would be proud.) She ran right into the house.

Whew, I was amazed once again. Thank you for keeping in touch and for such a lovely and enjoyable show. We are true Dog Whisperer fans now.

Jack & Rita

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