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Tigger and Dan

When twins Tiffany and Krystle got their Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix Tigger, things were instantly twice as complicated. Tigger bites when they set him down on the bed and attacks if they try to move him when he's sleeping. Cesar comes in to catch this Tigger by the tail. Shelly Atherton wanted to follow in her grandfather's footsteps and train her own hunting dog, so she got a Labrador retriever named Dan. Dan took to the training very quickly, but had a growing aggressive streak.

Tiffany and Krystle Mataras are models, actresses, and twins. And when they got their second dog, Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix Tigger, five years ago, things were instantly twice as complicated. Their first warning that Tigger would be a handful occurred when he growled at them as they lifted him out of the box he arrived in. Since then, Tigger has had no problem letting the girls know when he was displeased with something. Tigger will growl and bite when either Tiffany or Krystle sets him down on the bed. He also attacks them if they try to move him when he’s sleeping. When visitors come over, the twins have to confine him in a room, where he’ll bark, scratch at the door, and dig at the carpet. He is sure to bite if allowed to mingle with the guests. Tigger has even bitten each of the girls in the face, leaving wounds that required plastic surgery. Tiffany and Krystle know that Tigger has a sweet side, but they rarely see it. Cesar comes in to catch this Tigger by the tail, but can he rule out these trials and tribulations?

Then, Shelly Atherton wanted to train her own hunting dog to retrieve, just like her grandfather had. She got Dan, a Labrador Retriever, and he took to the training very quickly. But as the first year went by, Dan had a hidden aggressive streak growing inside. At around one year old, Dan growled at his first person and from then on, the growling escalated toward acquaintances and strangers. When he was two, Shelly went to feed him as she usually did and Dan emitted a low growl. Shelly slowly backed out of his kennel and as she shut the door, he tried to attack her. Dan’s behavior in the kennel continued and no matter what Shelly did, Dan’s aggressive appetite refused to wane. He now goes crazy, barking and lunging at the gate, when anyone approaches his kennel and the fearless Shelly is afraid she has lost the dutiful Dan she knew. Cesar travels to Texas to retrieve this retriever’s table manners.

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