Achieving Balance and Harmony


Cobar and Chase

Susan MacDonald fell in love with the Koolie breed and thought Cobar would be the perfect companion for her husband Randy, three kids, and two other dogs. She even got two more Koolies after Cobar. Susan runs a dog toy distribution company in Sydney, Australia, and with four dog friends and a plethora of dog toys, you would think Cobar would be in dog heaven. You would be wrong. Cobar is petrified of squeaky toys. Unfortunately for Cobar, squeaky toys are one of the main products that Susan distributes, which means the dog is often surrounded by boxes upon boxes of them when she comes with Susan to the warehouse. It is so bad that Cobar cowers when she even sees a dog toy. Susan is desperately hoping that Cobar will learn to relax and lose her fear of the toys. Cesar takes a whirlwind trip to Oz to quiet Cobar’s squeaking fear.

Then, while on a walk with her friend Carolyn, Royce Change came upon a fourteen week old stray. Royce took in the Shar-Pei Mix and named it Chase. When Chase was about 5 months old, he started showing aggression towards other dogs and territorial aggression towards people. Now 1 ½ years old, he has never bitten anyone, but Royce would like to curb his aggression before he gets a chance. However, Chase’s dog aggression has grown, singling out one dog in particular… himself. When Royce and Chase pass by the full-body mirrors in the lobby of her apartment, Chase lunges at his own reflection. The loathing of his self-image even occurs when they pass highly reflective storefront windows on the street. Cesar steps through the looking glass to help Royce stop Chase’s dog and people aggression and to help Chase accept the dog in the mirror.

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