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Dog Whisperer - Episode Archive

After more than 150 episodes, thousands of auditioning tapes and hundreds of successful rehabilitations, this is the ninth and final season of Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. The season features 12 all-new episodes and is jam packed with the biggest stars, most exciting destinations, and the fastest cars ever featured on the series. And, of course, there will be dogs. Lots and lots of dogs. Read More.

Season 8 marked the first season that DW episodes aired on Nat Geo WILD. Each episode brought a theme of problem behaviors and challenging cases which tested Cesar's calm and assertive mantra. Read More.

The seventh season included Howie Mandel's Chi Lola, an out-of-this world consult with astronaut Suni Williams, the Plunkett family's Pit Gotti, and child-aggressive Oscar. Read More.

Episodes include the special on How to Raise the Perfect Dog (featuring Junior, Angel, Marley, & Mr. President), Cesar's trip Down Under, and fan favorites like the mobile vet and "a dog and his boy." Read More.

Cases include fan favorites like Doberman Baby Girl who is afraid of noises, Roscoe the walk-fearing Akita, "Chihuahuas from Hell," and Bella, a food, people, and dog aggressive American Bulldog. Read More.

Memorable cases like Beau, the service dog that feared buses; Bozley, the inhospitable French Bulldog; Kathy Griffin's out-of-control pups; ATF dog Gavin; and the very special 100th episode. Read More.

The rehabilitation of tough cases, like Banjo the terrified Coonhound, Wilshire the hyperactive firedog, a mailman-hating Mastiff, and Patti Labelle's aggressive guard dog. Plus, Cesar's visit to Tijuana. Read More.

Some of your favorite episodes including Brady, the water-obsessed yellow Lab; Hudson, an out-of-control Great Dane that destroys furniture; and ferocious Jindo JonBee. Plus, prison pups and Katrina dogs. Read More.

The inaugural season, with sentimental favorites, like NuNu, the territorial chihuahua; Nicki, the red-zone Rottie; Vizsla Ruby, the family terror; and Emily, the anti-social Pit who's mentored by Daddy. Read More.

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