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Illusion Collar FAQ

How does the collar work?
The Illusion Collar & Leash Set is designed to allow the owner to walk and train the dog using a slip collar correction, without having to stop and realign the collar to the proper position.  It provides the ability to give a firm, yet quick and gentle, correction that eases up when the pressure is released. A normal slip collar falls to the base of the neck near the shoulders, which does not provide as much control.

How is this collar different from a harness?
A harness fits over the dog’s chest, shoulders, and ribs. The Illusion collar fits the entire length of the neck to provide proper positioning for the corrective slip collar.

Why does the slip collar need to be behind the ears?
The strongest muscles in a dog’s neck are at the base and shoulder girdle. If you look at an Alaskan sled dog pulling a load, you will see that the harness fits around the base of the neck at the shoulder. All the pulling strength of the dog is concentrated in that area, which is why a slip collar in this position is ineffective for correcting a behavior.

Where does the leash attach? What do the flat strap collars do?
The leash attaches to the larger “O” ring on the slip collar.  The collar will not work if the leash is attached to the smaller ring. The flat strap collars provide a comfortable framework to keep the slip collar in the proper position for instant correction.

How is the correction performed?
The correction is performed by a quick pull on the leash which is attached to the larger “O” ring on the slip collar. Then the pressure is released, and the slip collar returns to the slack, loose position.

Can I leave The Illusion collar on my dog all the time?
Absolutely not. The Illusion collar is designed as a training aid for walking your dog.  For the dog’s safety, no slip collar of any kind should be left on an unsupervised dog. 

Can I walk my dog on the right?
As is standard dog training protocol, The Illusion collar is designed to be used when walking the dog on the left of the owner. If you walk your dog on the right side, the collar will not perform as well and may not release as quickly after a correction.


How should I measure for size?
The slip collar does not open and must be able to slide over the dog’s head. You should measure at the base of the neck near the collar bone. This figure is roughly the same as the circumference of the dog’s head. Refer to the sizing chart.

What is the smallest dog that The Illusion collar will fit?
The collar will not fit most dogs weighing less than 18 lbs.  If the base of your dog's neck measures less than 13 inches, you should not use the collar.  The materials, such as the width of the straps and the size of the “O” rings, are specifically designed for larger dogs.

Are there any dogs who shouldn’t wear The Illusion collar?
Yes.  Dogs with a neck measurement of less than 13 inches; dogs with any breathing problems, such as “pushed-in faces” that restrict breathing; dogs with trachea or throat problems, such as Pomeranians; dogs with elongated, overly slender necks, such as Greyhounds and puppies under 18 months of age.

How can I properly clean The Illusion collar?
To maintain the Illusion Collar and Leash Set at peak performance, hand wash by swishing in a basin of cold water with a small amount of laundry detergent. We recommend using unscented detergent to ensure that your pet has no reaction to chemical fragrances. Then pat dry with a towel, re-shape, and hang to dry. Do not dry in dryer or use fabric softener! The use of fabric softener will likely result in loss of rigidity and poor performance, and repeated use of fabric softener will break down fibers prematurely.

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Illusion Collar FAQ
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