Achieving Balance and Harmony

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In-Home Dog Boarding

Vacation is a time to relax, so you shouldn’t have to spend it worrying about your dogs. Now, thanks to in-home dog boarding, you don’t have to. Read more

Raising wolf-dogs

Although modern dogs are descended from wolves, wolf-dog hybrids aren’t automatically man’s best friend. Here’s what you need to know about this breed. Read more

Daddy's Senior Moments

When we interviewed Cesar about Daddy's senior years, his deep emotional bond with this 14 year-old pit bull was apparent. He shared thoughts on Daddy's current physical health, Junior's impact on his mental health, details on his very special way to roll in the grass, and how he himself copes with Daddy's aging. Read more

Apollo the Rottweiler

Fans of the show will no doubt remember the seemingly hopeless but ultimately heartwarming story of Apollo the Rottweiler. Rescued from an unknown past and cared for by selfless young shelter volunteer Bree Justice, Apollo's panicky human aggression (directed specifically toward adult males) made him a risky candidate for permanent adoption and eventually landed him on death row. Read more

Coco the Chihuahua

Four Pounds of Pure Aggression When little Chihuahua Coco came to Cesar, he was ready to take on anybody. The Chihuahua was aggressive towards humans and dogs of all sizes. Read more


A Walk through the Valley with Shadow Many months ago, we had the pleasure of introducing you to a very special and somewhat self-involved Schipperke mix named Sheeba. These days, despite being the second of CMI eCommerce Manager Jon's current pack, Sheeba has taken the lead as the Alpha dog (relinquishing ultimate command of the pack to Jon, himself.) But it wasn't always thus! Read more


As in, “The Queen of…” Here at CMI, we do our best to emulate Cesar and uphold the tenets of his dog rearing philosophy. We keep our dogs balanced, and we work to maintain clear rules, boundaries, and limitations when we bring them to work with us. Read more
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