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Latest Dog Whisperer Tv Articles

Doberman with Separation Anxiety and a Biting Yellow Lab

Sunshine is a perfect champion Doberman in the show ring but on street, she can’t wait to get her teeth on another dog. Any time another canine approaches her, she attacks it. Also, she has become terribly attached to Michelle, her owner…so much so that Michelle can’t even go out on dates alone! Read more

Gavin, the ATF Dog

Gavin is a winsome Labrador retriever and a decorated K-9 explosive sniffing agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. Together with his handler, ATF Special Agent L.A. Bykowsky, Gavin has worked everything from Super Bowls to NASCAR events, to war zones. Read more

Aggressive Delta and Leash-Fearing Dong-Dong

Season 7 | Episode 15 | Delta and Dong-Dong - Sherrel Grabler and Lynne Haines rescued Delta from a local shelter in January of 2006, shortly after Lynne had been involved in a car accident. They thought Delta would be perfect for keeping Lynn positive during her recovery. Read more

Talk Back Tucker and Dog-Aggressive Mufasa

Mufasa came into Roxanne Husson’s life 6 years ago when she decided to get another dog, a South African Boerboel. At first, Roxanne was intimidated by Mufasa’s size, but as he grew, he also grew on her. Read more
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