Achieving Balance and Harmony

Latest Dog Whisperer Tv Articles

A Territorial Chihuahua and a Floor-Fearing Giant

In this episode we meet NuNu the Chihuahua, an adorable, pint-sized hellion. Fiercely territorial, NuNu lets no one near his owner Tina, not even Tina’s housemate, Barclay, the one who convinced Tina to bring the dog home from the rescue shelter. Read more

Some Out of Control Grooming Clients and an Unstoppable Pit Bull Mix

Lauren Warshaw is the proud and dedicated owner of Club Doggie Grooming Salon, a professional mobile grooming service that handles the desert cities near Palm Springs, California. As the only employee of her company, Lauren strives to provide her clients with the same service and care she would want for her own dogs. Read more

Chihuahuas from Hell

“Chihuahua’s from Hell” highlights the demonic demeanors of one of Dog Whisperer’s most challenging breeds. In this one-hour special, Cesar revisits the hellacious stories of Paris, Bandit, and NuNu as well more recent stories like Amalie, the Mastiff dominating Chihuahua mix. Read more

How to Raise the Perfect Dog

In fifteen years, Daddy has proven to be the perfect dog, obeying Cesar’s every command and even assisting Cesar on some of his hardest cases. But Daddy, like all dogs, began his training as a puppy. Read more

Tillie and Leo

When art collector Joel Gilman adopted a fearful, abused, and malnourished wheaten terrier mix named Tillie he took on the responsibility of rehabilitating a dog who, the head of the shelter told him, may never come back around. Read more

Cobar and Chase

Susan MacDonald runs a dog toy distribution company in Sydney, Australia, and in a family with a pack of 5 dogs and a plethora of dog toys, you would think any dog would be in dog heaven. You would be wrong. Read more

Tigger and Dan

When twins Tiffany and Krystle got their Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix Tigger, things were instantly twice as complicated. Tigger bites when they set him down on the bed and attacks if they try to move him when he's sleeping. Read more

Desperate Housedogs

A once peaceful cul-de-sac is full of tension. Susanne Lee's German shepherd bullies the other dogs. Nancy and John Codeus' three high-energy huskies are impossible to control on walks. Read more

Follow-up: Luna the Lab Mix

Many of you will remember Luna the Lab mix as she was in her Season 4 debut - cowering under tables, peeking around corners, and running for her life from… well, everything! Read more
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