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Cesar’s Mom’s Treat for the Office Pack

A Feast for Cesar’s Team

This past week, Cesar’s mother, Maria Teresa Millan, and sister, Monica Millan, paid a visit to the Cesar Millan Inc. offices to share a traditional Mexican dish: Tacos Dorados de papa y de res.

Mrs. Millan and Monica graciously cooked for the entire CMI staff, sharing with us their culinary expertise and a traditional family recipe that was one of Cesar’s favorites growing up. The fried potato and meat taco dish was paired with a crisp salad, fresh guacamole and a spicy soup, enjoyed by all.

Here’s what some of the staff had to say:

“Thank you Cesar and family for hosting such a fun taco party. The veggie taco meal along with salad and the spicy salsa surpassed my expectations! The team had great time enjoying the meal together. Hope to have next taco party very soon,” said Ankit Shah, a software analyst for CMI.

“It felt like Cesar was bringing us into his home and sharing a very personal part of his life with the team. It was great to be able to take a break with the whole team and enjoy some amazing food like a family,” said Meret Erni, Marketing Manager for CMI.

“The taco party made me feel like I was working with family. The generosity and thoughtfulness of Cesar and his mother really touched me and I feel blessed to work for such amazing people,” said Courtney Cowsill, Communications Coordinator for the Millan Foundation.

“It was probably the single most special thing that's happened here that made me feel closer to Cesar, his family, and where he came from,” said Allegra Pickett, Manager of Publications. "I was truly touched Cesar's mom took the time to share this with us."

We are all extremely grateful for Monica and Mrs. Millan’s generosity!

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