Achieving Balance and Harmony


Pit Bull Daddy: The Early Years

I first met Daddy at four months old in a studio where rapper Redman was shooting a video. Since I took Daddy in so young, he never had a major issue, but in the beginning, he was a little insecure. Since he had been moved around so much - Los Angeles, New Jersey, then back to L.A. - this was to be expected, but even that insecurity went away really fast.

Daddy hasn't changed much in the fifteen years that we've known each other. As he's aged, his energy has decreased. When he was young, he was an amazing puller. He taught me just how much dogs can really drag - and how much they love it! When we would take walks in Runyon Canyon, Daddy would search for a big trunk. He knew that once he found it I would attach it to his harness, and he would get to be a bulldozer. He just loved it.

Daddy has never made a mistake - never, never. He's never displayed aggression or any other negative behavior. He's just always helped me. Now he's passing that legacy on to his new student Junior -- who does occasionally pee where he shouldn't, but that's part of learning!

Read more about Daddy in his pack profile.

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