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Debb Kirchner

I purchased the Illusion Collar from Cesar's website a few weeks ago. What a great training tool! I have a young Aussie that I've been fostering, and my biggest challenge with him is the walk. It almost made me wonder if this dog had no feelings in his neck, because only the most severe corrections with whatever collar I tried yielded a minimal reaction.

But the Illusion collar is excellent, because it's always in the perfect position to give that sideways pull, which is so much more effective without using much muscle, which has been making walking with this dog such a challenge. I also don't feel like I'm going to hurt him by compromising his airway or esophagus. And the collar also loosens as soon as you let it free, which is one of things I always disliked with the traditional 'choker' collars.

It really is a terrific design, and I'm starting to feel like I'll finally get better results on the walk, maybe even get the dog to look at me. He's the toughest dog I've worked with to date. My other two dogs mastered the walk with relative ease. Thanks for a really well-designed product!

Debb Kirschner

Foster Home in Warrington, PA

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