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Illusion Collar Success Stories

Dear Cesar,
I have a rescue that is a nightmare on a leash.  I'm a dog walker by trade with great success on the walk.  Yet my own Hovawart gives me a fit!  I've tried several different collars, leashes -- no success.  The collar or leash would start up high on the neck like you've taught us but would always slip down to a bad position.

Then I bought the Illusion collar.  Oh my gosh!  Instantly I had full and total control over the walk!  It was amazing!  I would recommend this collar to anyone having trouble controlling their dog.  Now I have more control in all areas of the dog's behavior because I am such a pack leader on the walks.  Having mastered the walk has also given me more confidence to be the dominant leader at all times.

So, thank your wife for me.  She's a genius, and you and your family make a wonderful team.

By the way, I just finished participating in today's webinar and it was fantastic!

Kelly Mason

Dear Ilusion,

The other day, Schroeder was attacked by a Pit bull mix. Fortunately, a couple of guys driving by saw what was happening and came to our rescue. They kept kicking the attacking dog until he released Schroeder. I didn’t see this dog coming at us until it was too late. I hope Schroeder doesn’t read this as I did not protect him as a pack leader. You are not going to believe what saved Schroeder’s life. The Illusion collar saved his life.

Illusion collar: The double collar and straps that are part of the Illusion collar saved his throat. This other dog went for Schroeder’s neck and carried him off as though he was a little rag doll. Schroeder had some abrasions and swelling on his throat area and was pretty shaken up. Had it not been for the Illusion collar, the other dog would have broken Schroeder’s skin—the nylon collars and straps saved him. Those nylon straps are in all the right places. I truly believe God was watching over us, too.

Thank you, Ilusion, for inventing this collar. I owe you big time.

Lucy Garduño
Monrovia, CA

My new dog pulled my arms off. I bought the Illusion collar out of desperation, not really expecting a miracle fix. Well, it arrived yesterday, and our first walk was fantastic. Thank you so much... dog and human both calm and happy!!!
Carole Groves-Stagg
Madison, WI

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