Achieving Balance and Harmony


Jennifer Fuller

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for creating such a wonderful seminar. I am currently starting my own rescue and behavioral center, aimed at being able to offer basic obedience training and behavior modification to other area rescues, at little or no cost to them, and I was at an emotional low point, but your seminar on August 5th gave me the inspiration and motivation I needed to get me back on track.

You are truly a joy to listen to. Too many people today feel that we must treat dogs as we would other people and that any type of hands-on training is cruel, but your methods just seem to make more sense. Not to mention they actually work!!

I left the shelter I was volunteering at when a few of the other board members came back from a seminar at the Best Friends sanctuary and were suddenly against your methods and were insisting that I do the no-contact training for all of the dogs, even the aggressive ones! You were my inspiration for opening my shelter and rehab center. Thank you so much. I know that you can never understand the difference you make in other people's lives, not to mention all the dogs you save.

Keep up the good work!

Jennifer Fuller
A Friend For Life Animal Rescue and Behavior Center

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