Achieving Balance and Harmony


Kerri Williams

Dear Cesar,

Thank you so very much for sharing your talent and knowledge with us!! I have two very aggressive (red zone) dogs (German shepherd and Golden Retriever) that are determined to kill each other. They have had multiple bloody dog fights that would most likely have ended in death for one or the other had we not been able to break them up.

I have not yet been able to solve that specific problem, but after reading your book and faithfully watching the show I have a much better understanding of them as animals, dogs, and then breed. I understand their needs for exercise, discipline, and THEN affection. That realization was life changing for me and my dogs. I am proud to say that we have mastered the walk (when I walk them individually), and I am now the pack leader on the walk. I work on pack leadership at home daily, and I am now confident that there is hope for me and my dogs. Every day we all get closer to a balanced state of mind.

I am scheduled to work with a local professional, and I sincerely hope that she can help all of us co-exist. I know that the dogs may never be able to be together unsupervised, but my hope is that I can at least manage a red zone situation before it escalates for the safety of my children and my dogs. Before I bought your book, I was beside myself with grief, fear, and anxiety, and I was prepared to re-home one of the two aggressive dogs.

I cannot thank you enough for opening my eyes and helping me understand my dogs' minds and needs. I have been able to let go of the fear (most of the time), and I now find myself fascinated (rather than frightened) while watching the pack of eight coyotes that live around my home (from a distance of course). I have the opportunity to watch dogs in their natural state, and I wouldn't have given that a second thought without your insight.

My family and my dogs cannot thank you enough!!!

Kerri Williams
Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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