Achieving Balance and Harmony


Leslie L.

I became an avid fan and true believer of the Power of the Pack after adopting my first rescue dog Bella from a private no kill shelter. She was afraid of everything, and she lacked confidence and social skills. By applying Cesar's mindset and remaining calm and assertive, I was able to bring her out of her shell, build her confidence, and see the sweet dog she really is.

She has become a great ambassador to her breed, and when people meet her they can't believe she is a pit bull. She is so calm, patient, and obedient. They are shocked to see a rescued pit bull behaving so beautifully. That was almost 3 years ago and we are doing great.

I have since adopted another pit bull, a Katrina rescue named Wally. He was a shy guy, and after all that had happened to him, he was reluctant to bond.

Using Cesar's method I brought him into our home, and after many walks and time spent working with Wally and Bella, he is now a sweet, happy, well-adjusted boy. He loves Bella, and they get along great. They sleep together, eat out of the same food bowl, and share the same toys. I couldn't have asked for two better dogs. And I love walking them together. I get the funniest reactions from people. Some cross the street to avoid me, but most stop and talk, amazed that two pits will sit calmly on either side of me, waiting, while I talk to the neighbors.

We are still working and will keep working, as it never stops. But I am just one small example of how wonderful rescue dogs, especially pit bulls, can be with the right human training and methods. I've attached a few pictures of them.

Thank you, Cesar and crew, for giving me the tools to make Bella's and Wally's lives full, happy, and secure.

Leslie L.
Chantilly, VA

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