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Cesar Millan Cotton Training Lead

  • The essential, must-have training tool for all Pack Leaders is now available in a soft, woven cotton style!

  • List Price: $17.99

Cesar says: The strongest part of your dog’s neck is at the bottom. If you want to keep control, then you need to keep the lead at the top of your dog’s neck, behind the ears.

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Cesar Millan uses training leads as the essential tool for mastering the walk. This English "slip" style lead is similar to a kennel lead, with a black faux leather stop to maintain the appropriate fit around your dog's neck, as well as helping to keep it behind the ears for maximum control. The braided cotton is comfortable and soft to the hand, while providing gentle padding for your dog. It also features branded black accent sleeves and black matte finish hardware.

Available in one size: 7/16" diameter x 48" length. If your dog is a strong puller, we recommend this training lead for dogs up to 65 pounds, otherwise it can be used on all dogs over 10 pounds.

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