Achieving Balance and Harmony

Mastering Leadership Series Vol. 6: Raising the Perfect Puppy (DVD)

  • In "Raising the Perfect Puppy," Cesar raises four puppies to show you how to maintain their natural state of balance.

  • List Price: $29.99

Cesar Millan's Mastering Leadership dog training DVDs offer the definitive collection of Cesar's approach and methods.

"Everybody dreams of having a perfect puppy—one who is happy, healthy, well-balanced, and socializes well with other animals and people. I'll show you how to make this dream a reality!"

– Cesar Millan

Raising the Perfect Puppy

  • Select a puppy with the right energy level for you from a shelter, rescue group, or responsible breeder
  • The best way to bring your puppy home for the first time, including tips for introducing a baby
  • The first walk, including leash-training techniques
  • Deal with unwanted behaviors such as separation anxiety, overexcitement, possessiveness, chewing, aggression, and more - before they become full-blown issues
  • Fun games to bring out your puppy's "dog" instincts and "breed" background
  • Develop your dog's social skills with other dogs at the dog park
  • The simple, surefire method for housebreaking, including the use of puppy pads
  • The importance of spaying and neutering and how to make it easier on your puppy
  • And tips for many more everyday activities, such as mealtime, bedtime, swimming, and playtime

    Special Features

  • Grooming a Dog's Face with Mr. President the English Bulldog
  • Common Puppy Health Questions with
    Veterinarian Dr. Paula Terifaj
  • NTSC 85 Minutes
  • Stereo All Regions
  • Closed Captioning CC

    Customer Testimonials

  • "Mastering Leadship gave me some great ideas which I have put into practice and have really helped my dogs in a positive way"
  • "The Mastering Leadership Series is the most helpful tool I have found for learning to be an effective pack leader to my two dogs. Entertaining and informative with lots of examples. I shall keep going back to it as the need arises. One of the most useful aspects is that it is visual. This makes such a difference, as sometimes it is hard to visualise an action from the written word."

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