Achieving Balance and Harmony


Dissolving Treat Strips

  • Introducing a new way to train, reinforce, treat, and reward your dog.
  • Sale Price: $9.99

Snack Pack

  • Give your dog the ultimate reward for good behavior with our Snack Pack! Save up to 30% when you purchase this combo pack.
  • Sale Price: $10.00

Slow-Roasted Beef Bones

  • Give your dog a delicious surprise with these Slow-Roasted Beef Bones.

  • Sale Price: $5.00

Tidy Bones

  • Indoors or out, your dog will love these sterilized, Tidy Bones.
  • Sale Price: $5.00

Healthy Beef Treats

  • Reward your dog for mastering the walk with our Healthy Beef Treats.

  • Sale Price: $5.00
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