Achieving Balance and Harmony


Cesar Millan Rectangular Cuddler

  • Highly water-resistant and easy to clean, this cuddler is great for toy breeds and small dogs.

  • Sale Price: $29.99

Cesar Millan Cushion Mat

  • Repels water for over 6 hours! This dog mat is great for all sized dogs.

  • Sale Price: $34.99

Cesar Millan Pet Pillow

  • Extremely soft, this dog bed is soft and comfortable for any dog to sleep in.

  • Sale Price: $39.99

Cesar Millan Bright Light Collar™

  • NEW! This light-up, solar-powered LED collar adds safety to walks at night with your dog.

  • Sale Price: $25.00

Cesar Millan Funny Muzzle™

  • NEW! Available in three cute designs, these muzzles will invite positive energy to you and your dog, instead of the negative energy that is usually associated with dogs wearing traditional muzzles.

  • Sale Price: $19.99

Cesar Millan Dog Backpack

  • Cesar Millan's Dog Backpack is now stronger and more durable than ever!

  • Sale Price: $75.00

Cesar Millan Dog Fleece Coats

  • Keep your pet warm and comfortable with the best fitting coat in town!
  • Sale Price: $45.00

EasyTurf® Go Mat

  • This versatile mat, brought to you by our friends at EasyTurf®, can be used at home, at work, on the road, and much more!
  • Sale Price: $59.00
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