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'My pack is complete!'
Cesar Millan and Jahira Dar announced their engagement. Join us in offering our warmest congratulations!
Dogs can't hide
Can you find the dog in this picture? Mosquitoes can! To find out why that's a problem and enter to win a $500 Visa® gift card, click Learn more.
Give your dog a challenge!
A backpack is one of the simplest and most powerful tools you can use to improve the effectiveness of your daily Walks.
Solving dog park problems
The most important thing to take with you to the dog park is your pack leadership!
Simon and the pig: The final chapter
Los Angeles County Animal Control finds no wrongdoing by Cesar and his team and closes its investigation. Get the full story here.
Dogs running in a pack on snow

By bringing dogs into our lives, we make the promise to fulfill their needs, and having a strong Pack Leader meets a dog's most important psychological and...

Small dog sitting in grass scratching

Is your dog's itch normal or a sign of something else? Here's everything you need to know about canine allergies.

Woman giving affection to her dog

Are you best suited to adopt a puppy or a full-grown dog? Find out which pet will fit your lifestyle.

Dog staring at a toy

Excerpt from Cesar Millan's book 'Be the Pack Leader' on how to deal with obsessive dog behaviors and dog fixation over a toy, a bone, or other items.

Older beagle with a puppy beagle

I have a stable pack of three older adults. Since they are getting so old, my husband and I want to add a puppy.


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