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June 1, 2020

Polite Pooch Wakes His Owner In The Gentlest Possible Way

Dogs are the best. And they often make the best alarm clocks as well –...
June 1, 2020

Loyal Dog Waited In The Lobby For 3 Months At The Hospital After Owner’s Death

There is no animal more loyal than a dog. They will wait for you literally...
June 1, 2020

This Doberman And His Horse Pal Have An Inseparable Bond

Lots of videos on the internet feature adorable friendships between dogs and other animals. While...

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Doorbell Barkers

Dear Cesar, I have three dogs that bark like crazy whenever the doorbell rings, and they have been a challenge. To correct them, we have

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Exercising Senior Dogs

I get lot of questions about how the fulfillment formula – Exercise, Discipline, then Affection – changes as dogs age and don’t require as much

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Scottish Deerhound

The Scottish Deerhound is an extremely old bred that traditionally excelled at pursing and killing deer. In the olden days, no one of a rank

Partial Leadership

Humans are very used to having different rules for different places. We don’t act the same way at a football game as we do in

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