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When Cesar works with dogs, you may notice how their attention is riveted on him. The ability to have your dog focus on you is an essential Pack Leader skill. Try our suggestions with your dog!
We try to keep our dogs on their canine diets but sometimes we just can’t resist slipping them an occasional human morsel. If you’d like to reward your pet with a table scrap, make sure that you choose people foods that are safe for canine tummies.
Wondering what the best way to track your dog’s health is? Don’t worry — they’re keeping a log for you.
Our newest product, personally designed by Cesar! Learn more about the finest walking belt on the market.
Cesar Millan with his dog Benson
George Gomez

Dogs may not speak to us in words, but they do say a lot — and they can teach us how to listen to each other better.

Cesar Millan with a dog sniffing his face
Allen Birnbach

Humans may have sent probes to distant worlds, but a dog’s nose is still one of the best tools for exploration around.

Cesar Millan training a dog

Did you know that, just like humans, dogs can become addicts? Here are the hows and whys for both — and how fixing our dogs can fix us.

Cesar Millan petting his dog Argos
Jason Elias

What’s the most important lesson that dogs can teach us? Cesar has the answer!

Cesar Millan with his dog Gio making a heart shape
Jason Elias

What the founding of Cesar’s PACK Project and Valentine’s Day can remind us about how animals love and communicate

Man on a green grass with dog
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As a dedicated dog parent, the things I do to keep him happy and healthy often benefit me in the same ways.