Bull dog wearing the Bright Light Collar
4 safety essentials for dog walkers
Autumn is almost here and with it come earlier sunsets — but we still have to walk our dogs. Here are four essentials for staying safe on the walk, day or night.
The Bright Light Leash
New in our Store: The Bright Light Leash
It's important to be safe when walking your dog at night. The Bright Light Collar and Leash will make you visible wherever your walk takes you.
Cesar Millan walking with students at Training Cesar's Way
Here's your last chance to train with Cesar in 2015!
Cesar’s Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training I at the Florida DPC in November has just a few spots left. Register now before they're gone!
Keep your dog safe on evening walks
As the days get shorter and night comes earlier, here are the steps you can take to keep your dog safe on walks after dark.
Boxer breed dog

Cesar tells us that our dogs should have jobs. Here are 10 dog breeds that epitomize that advice by being born to work.

Dog with its eyes closed around toy balls

Being able to redirect your dog before they engage in misbehavior is an important Pack Leader skill. Here’s how to teach your dog to redirect on command....

Cesar Millan with his Llama Lorenzo

In honor of World Animal Day, Cesar explains how we can learn to listen to all animals — and why we need to.

Beagle dog laying on grass

Your dog probably eats grass from time to time. Here are reasons why they might do it, and steps you can take to stop it.

Dog on the attack

We must train and socialize our dogs, but we should also be prepared for the worse. Do you know what to do when a dog bites?


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