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Take Fundamentals of Dog Behavior I in Florida starting 12/6, or Fundamentals I and II back-to-back in California 11/16.
As seen on “Dog Nation,” our nylon training lead is the simple but effective tool for taking control of your pack.
Couple showing inappropriate energy with their dog

It's essential t to be aware of and manage your energy when with your dog. Until you can manage your own energy, you cannot manage your dog's.

Dog having blood drawn

Dogs need blood transfusions, too. Here’s everything you never knew about canine blood types, doggie donors, and more.

white and brown cocker spaniel

Like humans, dogs can suffer from epileptic seizures, but they can also be treated. Here’s what to watch for and how to deal with canine seizures.

Pit Bull dog

Tips on how you can get involved and help change the reputation of this breed for the better.

Video still of Cesar Millan showing Marlo Thomas how to crate a dog

Cesar Millan's dog training video with Marlo Thomas on how to successfully crate your dog for travel.

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