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June 24, 2019

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About German Shepherds

Ten Things You Didn't Know About German Shepherds They’re intelligent, fiercely loyal and often used...
June 24, 2019

Failure To Communicate – Cesar Millan

By Cesar Millan Communication is key. When I arrive at a new client’s house I...
June 22, 2019

#CesarSOS Episode 4

Dog Doesn't Want To Eat This puppy never has an appetite. Cesar explains his takeaway...

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#CesarSOS Episode 3

Energetic Pitbull Legacy the pitbull has lots of energy and wants to play with everyone and everything all of the time. Cesar explains in three

How To Treat Cuts On Dogs

Lacerations in dogs can range from small to large and superficial to deep. They can be anywhere on your dog’s body and the first warning

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