There is a natural phenomenon that occurs in many homes across the country. It’s known as the Camo Dog. This rare species is a master of disguise as they’re able to perfectly blend in with their surroundings, proving they can be just as dangerous as a lone Lego in the dark. These camouflaged dogs can come in any size or color – and they may be living in your home without you realizing it. My dog Bonita was an all-black camo dog. Since she was so dark-colored, it was hard to miss her when walking into a room…that is, until it was nighttime. I accidentally tripped over her on more than one occasion in the dark on my way to the kitchen for a glass of water.  

Below are 10 examples of dogs that perfectly blend into their surroundings like a chameleon:

1 One with the Carpet

Glancing really quick at this picture and you’d definitely miss the dog sleeping right in the middle of the rug!


2 Twinning with the Rug

This pup’s brown and white coat is almost identical to the chevron pattern on the rug. 


3 Where’s the Dog?

Not going to lie, this one took me a few minutes to spot. Hopefully his owners have better luck.


4 Might Want to Rethink the Car Seats

Not sure my first choice would be to match the car seats to the dog but apparently this owner likes the aesthetic.


5 Doing a Double Take

Hopefully nobody spills hot coffee because that isn’t a white carpet next to the coffee table.


6 When You Become Your Bed

If it weren’t for the fact that he’s got a collar, we wouldn’t be able to see him.


7 Where’s the Doggie?

No, that’s not a smudge on the headboard. That’s a little dog hiding from his owner. 


8 Fuzzy Carpeting is the Perfect Hiding Spot

This might look like an ordinary rug, but it’s actually the napping spot of one hidden pup.


9 The Cat is Not Alone

We can easily spot the cat hidden beneath the coffee table. But did you know there is also a dog in the picture? 


10 A Surprise Beneath the Towel

Were it not for the dark eyes and the dark nose, this would be the perfect hiding spot for this little white pup.


What do you think of these hidden dogs? Does your dog ever hide on you like this? Let us know!

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