When we think of Hollywood celebrities, we usually think of humans. However, dogs also enjoy time in the spotlight. There are plenty of canine actors and actresses that have had incredibly established careers in Tinseltown. You could even argue that some have managed to have acting careers that would make some aspiring human actors jealous.

And below are 10 famous dogs to have graced the silver screen:

1. Eddie

The Jack Russell named Moose rose to fame during the 10 years that he played Eddie on the sitcom, “Frasier.” During the final season of the show, Moose had retired and was replaced by his son, Enzo. The father-son duo made an appearance together playing the role of Skip in the 2000 movie, “My Dog Skip.”

2. The Taco Bell Dog

The dog behind the famous 90s commercial was Gidget. Her famous, “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” one-liner meant that she skyrocketed to instant fame. She even got to fly first class in order to open up the New York Stock Exchange. And after the cancelation of the Taco Bell commercial, Gidget still went on to star in movies such as “Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde.”

3. Lassie

Perhaps one of the most famous of canine Hollywood celebrities, Pal who played Lassie was initially rejected for the role as the directors wanted a female. However, doing other work in Hollywood soon earned Pal recognition, and later he ended up taking over the role of Lassie in six movies as well as two TV pilots.

4. Old Yeller

Another famous dog in Hollywood, this lab/mastiff mix named Spike gained notoriety after he starred in the titular film, “Old Yeller.” From there, Spike went on to have a long and successful career in Hollywood until his retirement. 

5. Rin Tin Tin

The star of 27 Hollywood movies during the silent film era, this German Shepherd had a pretty humbling beginning. American soldier, Lee Duncan, first rescued Rin Tin Tin during the First World War from a bombed-out dog kennel on French battlefields. Talk about a turn of luck!

6. Toto

The famous Cairn Terrier who acted as Dorothy’s sidekick Toto, was actually a girl. The dog, Terry, was quite famous in Hollywood. She began her career in the movie “Bright Eyes,” alongside Shirley Temple. After that she went onto other major roles, including Toto in “The Wizard of Oz” with Judy Garland.  

7. Marley

The yellow Lab, Clyde, was rumored to share quite a bit in common with his character, the mischievous Marley from the movie, “Marley and Me.” As it turned out, one of the iconic funny scenes in the movie, when Marley pees on the coffee table, was something that Clyde completely improvised on set. Talk about a dedication to the role! 

8. Bruiser

Moonie the Chihuahua is best known for his role as Bruiser in the 2001 Reese Witherspoon movie, “Legally Blonde.” He was a common sight a A-list Hollywood events, and had other famous canine friends like his best friend, Gidget.

9. Puffy

For those who’ve seen “There’s Something About Mary,” you’ll be happy to know that the canine actor, a Border Terrier named Slammer, was not harmed during filming. Puffy’s action scenes were filmed using three fake dogs, and Slammer provided the body cast.

10. Beethoven

The family-friendly film “Beethoven” was the staring role for Saint Bernard, Kris. Kris only made two “Beethoven” movies before he retired from the franchise and spent the rest of his life living with his owner, Teresa Miller’s father. 

Which canine actors or actresses do you remember seeing in movies or TV shows? Let us know!

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