10 Great Danes That Have No Clue How Big They Are

When my mother was a kid, her family had a Great Dane named Aegis. She will often tell me stories of growing up with the Great Dane, and how the very patient dog was often her and her brother’s babysitter if both her parents had to work double shifts – it was the 70s. But one of her favorite memories of Aegis, was being able to use her as her personal pony when she was really young. Since Aegis was huge, she made the perfect ride for a three-year-old. And Aegis would always just play along because she was such a good girl. 

Great Danes truly are gentle giants who seem completely unaware of their own size. They will often try to sit on your lap like a little Chihuahua, only they’re quadruple the size. They are known to grow at least 30 inches in size, from their paws to their shoulders. With such a large size, they easily tower over most other dogs, and when they stand up on their hind legs, they can even dwarf some humans! But despite their big bodies, these dogs behave just like any other happy-go-lucky pooches. They just want to play around, be silly, and make friends. But their size often makes their everyday interactions with the world quite funny.

Check out some hilarious pictures of Great Danes in the gallery below:

1 Giving Yoga a Try

This big boy is figuring out that his size doesn’t hinder his flexibility.

2 Does This Couch Make Me Look Huge?

Most people would call that a sofa, this large pooch calls it a day bed.

3 Wanna Play Fetch?

Wait…is that a basketball in his mouth?

4 Say Cheese!

This guy clearly doesn’t have a selfie game, and that’s okay.

5 Real Life Scooby Doo

The best thing about some Great Danes is that their coloring will come out exactly like Scooby Doo. How cool is that?

6 Cheeky Pup

Great Danes have those large jowls, and sometimes they droop in a funny way.

7 Massive Height Difference

There is nothing more astonishing that this picture to show to sheer size of Great Dane dogs. 

8 No Need to Fear

Now this is what you’d call ironic.

9 Spilling the Tea

This big pup looks like he’s about to have a long gossip sesh with Grandma on her couch.

10 Not a Lap Dog

Perfect example of how Great Danes do not know their own size.

What do you think of these big dogs? Do you have a Great Dane, or do you know someone who does? Let us know!

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