Life comes for all of us. One day we’re young and carefree in our photos, the next we hardly recognize the adult staring back at us from the mirror. But it’s not just us humans who are subject to change. Our dogs are also the victims of the passage of time. And we can see it through photos. Looking back on family photos there is no denying that our dogs age just as much as we do. But sometimes there are certain little traits or expressions that don’t vanish with time. 

Below are some of the before and after photos of dogs as cute little pups and also as grown adults:

1 Same Ol’ Car Rides

It’s clear that even though this big boy isn’t a puppy anymore, he still enjoys riding in chilled out style.


2 Some Things Never Change

This pup pretty much looks the same as he did when he was a puppy, minus a growth spurt!


3 Forever Unimpressed

We might grow up but sometimes our expressions don’t change. And even as an adult this dog still doesn’t look impressed.


4 Hiding Places

This little Corgi might have grown up but he’s still got the same safe space as when he was a puppy.


5 Drawers

And yet another picture of a cute Corgi showing off how time does not change a dog’s fondness for certain hiding spots. 


6 Best Friends Forever

These two BFFs take the meaning of “forever” very seriously. And it’s very heartwarming!


7 Growing Together

These two are another pair of besties who have grown together in their relationship and it’s so cute to see. 


8 Becoming a Boss

Sometimes you need to give it time and grow into the person you’ve always envisioned yourself to be – this pup did that. 


9 Favorite Humans

And then there is the bond that we share with our dogs – something that will never change no matter the years that go by.


10 Still the Best Place to Nap

This one actually makes me well up a little bit as my kitten turned cat has the same exact napping spot.


What do you think of these different passage of time photos? Let us know!

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