15 Photos That Prove Dogs Can Nap Anywhere

Dog's sleeping in the strangest locations.

Normally it is the cats who are notorious for sleeping in the oddest places or looking comfortable in the strangest-looking positions. Dogs typically will go for the normal habits like sleeping either in a dog bed, in a human bed with their person, or simply on the ground. However, sometimes dogs can also be known to take on strange sleeping habits. They might take to sleeping in some rather peculiar areas, or in some uncomfortable-looking positions. Either way, it’s definitely mind-boggling.

Below are 15 Dogs Whose Naps Will Make You Laugh

Legs in the Air

Picture: Imgur

This little pup doesn’t seem to care that their legs are still up in the air. They just konked out as is – puppies are such precious babies.

The Puppy That Slept in a Shoe

Picture: Imgur

We really hope that puppy just got tired and fell asleep on the spot, rather than pass out from the smell of the shoes.

All You Can Eat

Picture: Imgur

Ever have one of those super lazy days where all you manage to do is crawl from bed to the fridge and back? Well, this pup seems to have found a much more efficient way by just sleeping in the food bowl.

Best Sleep Ever

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

This little guy looks like he’s enjoying the best nap ever. And we can help but be a little jealous.

The Outdoors are Exhausting

Picture: Pixabay/Mathey

Sometimes you just got to take a nap when you’re relaxing outside. It’s only natural.

Mid-Stretch Nap


Ever do the slightest amount of physical activity and then you feel like you want a nap? This dog probably had that happen to him.

Long Day Being Cute

Picture: Flickr/Joe Ross

This pup looks like he fell asleep after an exhausting day of being himself. And he probably did in all fairness.

Must Refuel

Picture: Flickr/Rui Fernandes

This pup didn’t quite make it to the coffee before the nap kicked in. He looks like me every morning before 9 am.

Taking After the Cat

Picture: Flickr/ Michael Dorausch

The back of the couch is perhaps one of the most cat-like places to take a nap. And that is exactly where this dog ended up sleeping. Maybe he’s trying to be a cat?

Waiting for Your Food to Come Out

Picture: Flickr/ Doug Brown

This has been us at least once in a restaurant where they take so long you can have a nap in between ordering and mealtime.

You’re Wrinkling Your Coat Buddy

Picture: Flickr/Jan-Erik Finnberg

This precious little dog fell asleep face-first. And while that might not have been such a big deal if he were any other dog, the fact that his coat gets wrinkled really easily, makes it that much more adorable.

You Forgot Something Important

Picture: Flickr/Randy Robertson

When most of us pack for a trip, we often joke that we wish we could take our pets with us. Luckily for this owner, the dog thought of everything.

Tongue Won’t Fit

Picture: Flickr/Bev Sykes

This little puppy is beyond precious. Look at how small its mouth is for that tongue! Our hearts literally cannot cope!

Everyone’s Spirit Animal

Picture: flickr/normanack

I don’t think I need to say anything else on this – the picture says it all. Sometimes, you just don’t have the motivation.


Picture: flickr/jmcmichael

Corgies are the cutest! And this little guy fell asleep in the middle of doing the splits. I mean, how precious is that? You can’t help but smile at this.

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