15 ‘Platy-Pups’ With Slippers Over Their Noses

Dogs and their noses. They have great senses of smell, there is no denying that. Why else would dogs be trained to use their noses for such incredible things like sniffing out cancer, detecting drugs and explosives, or locating cadavers?

But sometimes dogs tend to stick their noses where they don’t belong. Like in our shoes. For animals with incredible senses of smell, I always wondered why a dog would be so fascinated by a smelly shoe?

Well, it seems that will remain a mystery as to why dogs enjoy the smell of stinky feet. However, one dog owner uploaded a picture of their dog with their snout planted firmly in their shoe. And once that picture got out, it became all too apparent that the trend is universal amongst dogs, as more dog owners started sharing their own photos of their pets with their noses stuck in shoes.

So, below are 15 pictures of pets huffing on their human’s shoes:


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