Day: June 17, 2015

Case Study: Aggression

Case Study: Aggression

Pit bull Emily was a classic red-zone case. She pulled her owner on walks. She growled and barked at passersby, especially those walking other dogs. Emily’s owner would drag along after her and yell at her to be quiet. Not surprisingly, this tactic didn’t work. It is important to understand that red-zone dogs are usually […]

Norwegian Lundehund Breed

Norwegian Lundehund Breed Norwegian-Lundhund photo

The Norwegian Lundehund originates from Norway and was originally bred for the purpose of hunting puffins and finding their eggs. Instead of the normal four toes per foot, the Norwegian Lundehund has six toes on each foot. The breed is able to turn their head backwards and has extremely flexible shoulder joints, giving them more […]

Do Biting Dogs Deserve A Second Chance?

Do Biting Dogs Deserve A Second Chance? black dog in grass

I opened the front door to a rubber arm. Not just a rubber arm, of course. It was held by an animal behaviorist who’d come to our door in search of the “aggressive dog” for which she had been called. But it was the arm that came through the door first. Polar the “aggressive dog” […]

How To Raise A Balanced Pit Bull

How To Raise A Balanced Pit Bull black pit bull

Hi Cesar, I adopted a male pit bull when he was between 8 and 10 weeks old. This is my first pit bull. I have two labs at home, 7 and 10, both males. I want to know what I need to do to make sure my pit bull never attacks my labs. Can I […]

Excessive Barking

Excessive Barking barking dog

Dear Cesar, I have an American Staffordshire terrier named Coach who is almost four years old. We have an extreme problem with Coach barking through the fence at our surrounding neighbors and their dogs. Then, when we go outside to get him or tell him to stop, he won’t come to us and will take […]