Day: June 18, 2015

Treating Bite Wounds In Dogs

This First Aid Guide was developed by the veterinary staff at Dr. Sherry Weaver’s Animal Hospital of Towne Lake in Woodstock, GA. Always use caution when approaching or handling an animal that is injured by bite wounds or another serious trauma. Dogs that are not normally aggressive may bite out of self-protective instincts if they […]

Bee Sting And Insect Bite

By Dr. Sherry Weaver In some geographic locations, especially the southern states, some insects, such as fire ants, can really create an unpleasant experience for your pet. Sometimes small bumps can appear on the skin after being stung or bitten by a single insect. You can call your veterinarian about advice for an over-the-counter antihistamine […]

Airway Obstruction

Complete airway obstruction is rare in small animals but is a serious medical emergency when it does occur. Potential airway obstructions include: Objects such as toys or bones lodged in the back of the pharynx or the esophagus Throat swelling due to stings or infection In small dogs, throat swelling due to allergic reactions Signs […]

Cesar’s Best Tips To Stop Dog Barking

By Cesar Millan Remember, barking is natural! It’s an important means of communication for dogs. But sometimes problems can develop. As the pack leader, it’s your job to step in and control excessive barking. Here are my 5 tips to help you stop nuisance barking for good. 1. Correct dog problem behavior and follow through. […]