Month: July 2016

How To Operate A Dog

How To Operate A Dog A dog with a computer.

It’s not that difficult to learn to use a computer, especially if you only do simple tasks on it, like email, spreadsheets, and going online. There may be different kinds of computers and operating systems, but you really only need to know the programs you’re using. As long as the computer doesn’t have hardware problems, […]

5 Steps To Help Our Four-Legged Friends

5 Steps To Help Our Four-Legged Friends Two dogs at a rescue organization wait for their forever homes

There are 600 million unwanted and abandoned animals in the world, living without families or shelter. In many countries, such animals are routinely abused or killed. It seems like an overwhelming number, but we can do something about it by helping these animals find permanent homes and by reducing pet overpopulation. Here’s what you can […]

Drop It! Obsessed Dog [VIDEO]

Drop It! Obsessed Dog [VIDEO] Cesar Millan trains a dog.

In this latest installment of our video series “Chance Encounters,” Cesar finds a woman whose Rottweiler picks up any bit of trash he finds on the ground during the walk. Trying brute force to stop him only makes it worse, but Cesar has his own technique that solves the problem with very little effort. Check […]

How Your Dog Makes You Whole

How Your Dog Makes You Whole Cesar Millan bonds with a dog.

Last Friday, my show “Cesar 911” returned to NatGeo WILD with all-new episodes, and we’ll be running right through until the fall. You can catch it on Friday nights at 9 p.m. (8 p.m. Central). I’m really proud of this show because it started with a unique premise. Instead of just helping one human pack […]

My Dog Is Perfect, Except When…

My Dog Is Perfect, Except When…

I talk a lot about energy, especially calm and assertive energy, but now I’d like to talk about two other words that relate to energy. The first is “inertia.”  When scientists use the word, they mean it in a strictly physical sense. “Inertia” describes how an object tends to keep on doing what it’s doing. […]

Fearful Or Fearless?

Fearful Or Fearless? Cesar Millan helps a fearful dog out of the vehicle.

At its basic level, all life is programmed to move in one of two directions: approach or avoid. Even the very first single-celled organisms in the oceans were either attracted to sunlight or fled from it, depending on their needs. There are four reactions an animal can have to any stimulus: fight, flight, avoid, or […]

It isn’t Always About The Dog

It isn’t Always About The Dog

You’ve probably heard me say many times that I rehabilitate dogs and I train people, but it is amazing sometimes how long it takes for this simple truth to click with people. If you aren’t providing calm, assertive leadership then your dog will not follow you. I relearned this first hand when I was going […]

In Defense Of Monarchy

In Defense Of Monarchy

I have exciting news. This is my 200th Sunday Newsletter! I started them because there are a lot of you and only one of me — over ten million fans on my English and Spanish Facebook pages, millions of visitors, plus my TV viewers worldwide. It’s physically impossible to keep up with you all. […]