Month: August 2016

Official State Dogs

Official State Dogs A cute dog holds an American flag in his mouth

In the U.S., states seem to have an incredible fondness for designating “official” things. Some of them are pretty standard, like state flower or motto or song, while others can be unusual. Wyoming has a state dinosaur and Connecticut’s official prepared food is, of course, Mystic Pizza. States can be generic. Milk is the official […]

Welcome TODAY Viewers, To Cesar’s Puppy Tips, Tricks And Advice

Welcome TODAY Viewers, To Cesar’s Puppy Tips, Tricks And Advice A puppy runs through the grass on a nice spring day.

We hope you enjoyed Cesar Millan’s recent appearance on the TODAY Show!  To help you make the most of puppyhood’s fund and adventures, checkout our videos, tips and links to articles about all things puppy. If you didn’t get to see it live, you can see it right here! Even better, we’ve collected  Cesar’s TODAY Top […]

Cesar’s TODAY Top Ten Puppy Tips

Cesar’s TODAY Top Ten Puppy Tips a puppy fetches a ball on a nice summer day

They’re cute and cuddly lovable little balls of fur — but they can be more difficult to handle than adult dogs. “Puppy training” is our number one category for questions at Cesar’s Way. That’s why Cesar decided to offer his top ten Puppy Tips, and more. Puppy Proof Your Home Before Arrival Make sure to […]

Hitting The Right Notes

Hitting The Right Notes

There’s a new movie out with Meryl Streep called “Florence Foster Jenkins.” Don’t worry. I haven’t started doing movie reviews! But there are some lessons for Pack Leaders in this movie. You’ve probably heard of Ms. Streep. She’s been acting in films since the late 70s, has been nominated for a record 19 Academy Awards […]