Month: October 2017

Tricky Treats

Tricky Treats Cesar Millan poses for a photo.

It’s Halloween season again, and if you live in America, you’re probably not far from elaborately decorated homes and there may even be a haunted house attraction or two in your town. There’s a reason that it’s one of the most popular holidays, along with Christmas. People like being scared in safe ways. That’s why […]

Help The Dogs Of The Northern California Wildfires

Help The Dogs Of The Northern California Wildfires a dog displaced by the Northern California wildfires

First came Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, flooding Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. Then wildfire, fanned by vicious Diablo winds, swept over Santa Rosa and the California wine country, displacing thousands of humans and their pets and destroying complete neighborhoods. Because most emergency shelters for humans are unable to house animals, many beloved pets required […]

What Your Dog Does Best

What Your Dog Does Best Cesar is surrounded by a lot of dogs.

What Dog’s Do Best People can have an amazing capacity to put themselves in someone else’s shoes, as the expression goes. The word for this ability is “empathy,” which is identifying with or even experiencing the thoughts, feelings, or attitudes of another person. Empathy is naturally much easier for us to feel for people we […]

Cesar’s Six Audiobook Picks For Your Dog In October

Calmer dogs. Happier dogs. Seriously. You may have heard that Cesar Millan recently teamed up with Audible, the leading provider of spoken word content and audio entertainment, to provide a hand-picked selection of audiobook titles that can help your dog stay calm while you’re away. (If you haven’t heard, you can get the lowdown here, with […]

Chaos And Change

Chaos And Change Cesar sits with a dog

A week ago, there was another unfortunate mass-shooting that reminds us of the fragility of life. Now, it’s a myth that we’re the only species that kills its own. Nature is full of examples of that. The difference is that one animal will kill another of its kind for very specific survival reasons — food, […]