Month: May 2021

How To Care For Burns On Dogs

How To Care For Burns On Dogs how to care for burn wounds on dogs - cesar’s way

In a world of dangers and accidents, it is not uncommon for dogs to be injured by burn wounds on their skin. Caused by thermal heat, electrical devices, or chemical solutions, burns on dogs can occur at any time both at home and in new environments. If you want to protect your dog and give […]

Caring For Beagles

Caring For Beagles dog allergies - caring for beagles - cesar’s way

If you’re looking for a friendly, affectionate dog breed to add to your family, the Beagle may just be the perfect canine for you. Known for its gentle temperament and sweet personality, the Beagle makes a wonderful companion and great family pet. If you want to learn more about this intelligent, sweet-tempered breed, you have […]

How To Recognize And Treat Foot Pad Injuries In Dogs

How To Recognize And Treat Foot Pad Injuries In Dogs paw pad injuries in dogs - cesar’s way

A dog’s paws serve a number of critical functions during everyday life. Besides providing a foundation for standing, walking, and running, your dog’s feet act as shock absorbers, protect against cold and hot temperatures, and indicate health issues that may be otherwise unnoticeable. Because paws are essential to your dog’s health, it’s important to recognize […]

How To Treat Cuts On Dogs

How To Treat Cuts On Dogs how to treat cuts on dogs - cesar’s way

A cut on your dog can be scary. Lacerations in dogs, which range from small to large and superficial to deep, can happen at any time. For example, they may occur when they are playing too rough with another animal or person or if your pet is running through bushes that have thorns. The following […]