Month: July 2022

5 Houseplants That Are Dangerous For Your Dog

5 Houseplants That Are Dangerous For Your Dog Lillies are one of the most toxic houseplants for dogs.

If you look on Instagram under any of the hashtags pertaining to homes and home decor, you’re bound to come across that wonderful boho-chic look that turns your home into a mini greenhouse with loads of plants. Terrariums are particularly popular. Either way, many of us may love the aesthetic of plants in our houses […]

How to Stop Dog From Pulling

How to Stop Dog From Pulling A small dog pulls his owner after seeing something that caught his attention. Leash pulling is not a fun experience for pet owners. Read how to stop it here.

Prevention Tips for Both Types of Pests Dogs who pull on their leashes can be a significant annoyance, not to mention a danger to both the dog and the people around them. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to stop your dog from pulling. In this post, we’ll go over some of the […]

Nail Clipping Tips

Nail Clipping Tips A dog gets a much-needed nail trimming from his loving owner. She chooses to use guillotine clippers because they are the most comfortable for her pup.

Nail Clipping Tips Are you worried about fleas and ticks? You’re not alone. Fleas and ticks are common problems for dogs, but you can help keep them under control. Here are some of the best ways to prevent fleas and ticks from making your pet miserable.Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed is a vital part of […]

The Differences Between Fleas And Ticks

The Differences Between Fleas And Ticks A veterinarian safely removes a tick from a dog. Know how to remove, treat, and prevent ticks in this blog post. Also, understand the difference between fleas and ticks.

Do you know the difference between fleas and ticks? If not, you’re not alone. Many people cannot identify the differences. Fleas are tiny black bugs that jump and feed on blood, while ticks are brown or black and do not jump. So what’s the big deal? Well, both of these pests can transmit diseases to […]