3 Homemade Frozen Dog Treats That Are Perfect For Summer

If this pandemic continues any longer, there is that fear that summer will be canceled – or at least we’ll be forced to enjoy it from the safety of our homes. But if the warming weather has already got you in the mood for some summertime treats, why not include your dog in some of the fun?

Dogs love ice cream just as much as we do, and there are plenty of doggie-friendly ice creams out there for them to enjoy. But why not try making your own at home?

If you are looking for some frozen treat ideas for your dog, then look no further because “Bold Bakers,” Gemma Stafford, has got you covered with some options. The professional chef has three homemade frozen treat recipes that are sure to keep your pooch happy during the warm weather.

All her frozen treats are “doggie approved,” meaning they’ve been tested by quality control – her adorable rescue pup, Waffles. He has given his stamp of approval.

All the frozen treats have ingredients that are safe for dogs to consume. Of course, Gemma has stated that while all ingredients are safe for dogs, you know your dog best, so if you need to adjust due to your dog’s diet, then you should.

For the first frozen treat, Gemma includes bananas; plain, unsweetened yogurt; and peanut butter. But the peanut butter needs to be unsalted and xylitol free.

Her second treat includes strawberries, blueberries, and plain yogurt – again, unsweetened.

The third frozen treat that your dog is sure to love, has mashed raspberries and chicken stock but without the salt.

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