5-Year-Old That ‘Married’ His Senior Dog Proves He Has The Sweetest Soul

Sometimes children are so innocently sweet they don’t realize just how moving their actions or statements can be. For one mother, Robin Lipe, she always knew that her five-year-old son, Jack, was a sweetheart. But she found a whole new level of kindness in her child after he asked if he could marry one of their family’s two dogs. Robin said she was surprised, but not completely caught off guard by his silly request. 

She explained, “Jack, he’s our middle child and we have always said since he was born that he has the sweetest soul. Little things like this just prove it.” 

When the young first proposed the idea to Robin, she figured that it was one of those quirky things that children say and that he’d soon forget about it. But it was the sentiment behind his idea that really made Robin smile. 

According to the mom, Jack first brought it up by stating that he loved the dog, Skyler, so much that he wanted to get married. And he didn’t want to wait to grow up either. When prompted as to why the big rush, Jack revealed it was because if he waited to grow up then she’d no longer be around. 

Robin, along with her husband Scott, first adopted Skyler, a Labrador retriever mix, from their local shelter shortly before they married ten years ago. 

Jack has already been pretty clear why he loves the family dog, saying, “She’s just so fluffy and I love to lay around with her. If you put your face close to her she licks you. I love her to infinity!”

The family lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. For a few days the area had been experiencing some rain. This made little Jack want to wait for a sunny day in order to hold a backyard wedding at their home. 

Even though Robin admitted that she found the whole thing a little strange, she indulged her child’s request on one of the weekends when it was finally sunny. She figured since the family was already in lockdown, there was no harm in playing dress-up. 

As Robin said, “I put on a dress for the first time in two and a half months and got his little blazer out of the closet for him to wear.”

Jack’s official ceremony outfit consisted of the blazer, shorts, and rain boots. Both he and Robin made a small bouquet of flowers from their front garden. Skyler, the bride, was given a stick to hold in lieu of a traditional bridal bouquet. 

As Jack and Skyler walked down their backyard’s DIY aisle, Robin played the wedding march song on her phone. In attendance was Scott, as well as Jack’s siblings: 20-month old sister Birdie and seven-year-old brother Hunter.

In true big brother fashion, Hunter was not about to indulge his little brother’s wish. He acted as the voice of reason by objecting to the whole thing. 

Hunter’s exact words were, “You can’t marry your sister!”

But overall, Robin figured that it was just all fun and games. As she explained, the quarantine they’d faced together as a family was wearing on Jack who wasn’t able to play with friends or go out to his normal activities like school or the playground. 

“If he wants to marry the dog, it’s silly but it makes us happy,” Robin said.

While it was certainly unconventional, he’s a kid. And kids do weird things all the time. But it was also kind of cute that Jack wanted to show his pet just how much he loves her. 

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