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"The best thing you can do for an abandoned, unwanted dog is to give them a forever home." - Cesar Millan
Dog sitting with presents
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Pet business is big business, and that’s nowhere more apparent than around the holidays, when our furry family members join in on the fun. It can range from dressing them up for Halloween to giving them their own Thanksgiving plate or holiday presents — or all of the above. It does seem like every year that there are more “dog” versions of human things, like the Casper mattress makers branching out into dog beds — but at what point does it get too ridiculous? First, the (possibly) good news: people do not spend more on their pets around the holidays than they spend on friends and families, despite what a quick Internet search might tell you. This error is a result of headline writers... Read More
At the end of September, the city of Montréal in Québec, Canada voted to ban new ownership of pit bull and “pit bull-type” dogs within the city, as well as require owners of such dogs to go through a criminal background check, pay $150 for a permit, and have their dog sterilized, vaccinated and microchipped. The dogs must also be muzzled and on a four-foot leash whenever they are in public. As his fans know, Cesar has long been associated with and an advocate for power breeds, and his past and present right-hand dogs, Daddy and Junior, are both pit bulls. Below, Cesar weighs in on pit bulls, and the misconceptions about them that lead to them being the breed that is, currently, most... Read More

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