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Adoption Tips

"The best thing you can do for an abandoned, unwanted dog is to give them a forever home." - Cesar Millan
Group of different dog breeds
Dora Zett/
Currently, there are almost 400 different domestic dog breeds that are different enough from each other to be classified as unique. However, recent genetic studies have shown that there may only really be 23 different groups, or clades, into which all of these dogs can be sorted. Just as human DNA testing, like Ancestry or 23AndMe, can show people where their ancestors came from and ultimately in what part of the world they originated, the same testing is now giving a bigger picture of the origin of dogs, and how various breeds are related. A “clade” is defined as a classification of organisms together in groups with similar traits, especially genetically, traceable to a common ancestor... Read More
Bonnie the dog getting her cheek swabed for a dog DNA test
Paul Kersh
Unlike humans, dogs can’t tell us about their background, so until very recently figuring out what breeds made up a “mystery mutt” was mostly guesswork based on appearance. But looks can be deceiving — and even in the case of a dog that looks completely like a particular breed, there may be hidden ancestors. You can test your dog’s DNA and save $30 off the full price thanks to Cesar and Embark. Just go to their site and use the coupon code CESARDNA. This can be important information to know because some breeds are more inclined than others to have certain conditions. For example, German shepherds are more likely to develop hip dysplasia, and Great Danes are prone to congenital... Read More