A small dog enjoys his personal couch for napping.

Everyone who has a pet knows that there is nothing we wouldn’t get for our pets. We want them to have the best, so we happily spoil them. And to be honest, our pets definitely deserve it.

Aldi Australia Brings Back the Sofa Bed

And those who are living in Australia will be excited to know that given the major success of Aldi Australia’s pet collection, the Pampered Pets Special Buys range will be brought back.

Ever since the news was released, social media has not been able to contain the buzz surrounding the Aldi’s Saturday, 21st of March, Special Buys sale.

Photo: Aldi

One of the most coveted items that will be returning to the sale is the pet couch – amongst other items that loads of people are already expressing interest over.

One person on Facebook has already commented, “Love these.”

Photo: Aldi

While another person wrote, “I want that couch!!!! Love it oh so much.”

There will also be a large pet sofa available for $99.99, a small pet sofa selling for $59.99 – and to either of these items, you can add the throw blanket for only $9.99.

Photo: Aldi

Other items that you will be able to purchase are the $19.99 memory foam pet mat, as well as a pet bowl mat for just $7.99.

Photo: Aldi

In addition, rope dog toys will be selling for just $3.99. And cats have not been excluded from this sale either, as cat owners can expect to be able to purchase their furbabies a cat scratcher which will be on sale for $49.99.

Got to love Aldi!

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