An “Angel Dog” Appears When Woman Spreads Her Pup’s Ashes

Our dogs mean the world to us. And no matter how long we have them for, it’s always a bitter loss when they grow old and pass away. Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is never an easy thing to do. We feel their absence just as deeply as the loss of fellow human beings. And regardless of what your beliefs about the afterlife maybe, after our dogs pass away, we all hope that our beloved pups are finally at peace. While we may not know exactly what happens to them once they’ve passed, sometimes we do get some form of otherworldly confirmation that they’re ok.

When we had to put my dog to sleep, it was a very devastating day for me. I had called out sick from work that day so I could just spend the day at home crying. When I went outside to the backyard to get some fresh air, the most incredible thing happened. A single monarch butterfly flew across the patio and landed on top of my dog’s house. It stayed there for a moment before it flew away. The entire experience couldn’t have lasted more than a minute, but it made me start crying all over again. And to this day, I like to believe that it was a sign from beyond that my dog was okay. 

When dog owner Ashley Lang lost her beloved pooch named Wagner, she was quite upset. Wagner had been her constant companion for twelve years. The pair would often go play at their local athletic field. There was even a picture of the two of them in the field engaging in a spirited game of fetch. It was their place. There were a lot of fond memories there for the two of them. So when the old pup passed away, Ashley knew that there was only one place that would be fitting for her to spread Wagner’s ashes: the green field where the golden retriever loved to spend time. 

But Ashley could not anticipate the incredible gift that she was about to receive. She had gone to the field to spread his ashes and she was accompanied by a friend. While Ashley was busy laying her beloved Wagner to rest for the last time, her friend snapped a picture. However, what appeared on the camera was nothing short of amazing. As Ashley was in the middle of tossing Wagner’s remains to the air, the ashes seemed to take on a form. If you look closely at the picture, it looks quite similar to a canine silhouette.

After inspecting the picture, the friend uploaded the ghostly photo to the internet where it gained a lot of attention. Many people agreed that it looked like perhaps Wagner’s spirit came by to say goodbye one last time. Even Ashley herself believed that it was Wagner’s way of reaching out from beyond to say how much he loved her. 

Doesn’t that picture just give you chills? Have you ever had a visit from the beyond from your dog? What do you think of the photo? Let us know!

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