Artist Carves A Detailed Portrait Of His Pomeranian Into A Halloween Pumpkin

With September coming to a close, we’re that bit closer to the wonderful time of year: Halloween! This year might be a little different in terms of parties and celebrations because of the current COVID-19 pandemic. But the one thing that we can still enjoy this Halloween season, is decorating. One of my favorite memories of October was helping my mother to put out all the Halloween decorations two weeks before the big day. And a few days leading up to Halloween, we’d carve pumpkins. 

Carving pumpkins is a wonderful Halloween tradition. Most of us probably are only able to carve the traditional Jack-o-lanterns that have the triangular eyes and boxy grins. That’s about as fancy as our artistry gets unless we specifically go out of our way to bother with stencils or other carving kits that are supposed to “elevate” our carving skills. But there is one man who took his pumpkin carving skills to the next level and put the rest of us mere mortals to shame.

His subject matter? A beautiful portrait of Sophie, his Pomeranian. With great skill, he was able to transform his pumpkin into a “pumpkin.” The artist, Andy Manoloff, goes through quite the artistic process in order to get his work right. In order to complete this particular look, Andy started out by selecting the perfect Sophie photo, which he then sketched from his laptop. Once the stencil sketch was completed, he was then able to move onto the next step: carving. This was a bit trickier, but judging from the finished project, he certainly had the skills to pull it off.

In total, his pumpkin took around 3 hours to complete. But the creation of it was particularly amazing if you watch the time-lapse. It’s incredible to watch as the pumpkin carving comes to life with his mastery – definitely something the rest of us wish we could do! It’s absolutely stunning, and a wonderful likeness of Sophie as well!

Watch the video below:

What do you think of Manoloff’s work? Have you ever tried creating something similar? Let us know! For more of Manoloff’s amazing art, visit his Facebook page.

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