Juliana Weiss-Roessler

Dog Backpack Do’s And Don’ts

Dog Backpack Do’s And Don’ts Cesar Millan with a pit bull

Have you cut back on walks because the cold and snow is just too much for you and your pup? Winter is a good time of year to consider a doggy backpack. You can maintain the daily exercise challenge your dog needs while reducing the time you both spend in the winter weather. Added weight […]

Dog Grooming Tips

Dog Grooming Tips brushing long haired dog

Regular grooming is an important part of responsible dog care, even if it may seem like your dog is taking care of those needs by himself. If you don’t have a routine set, start small. Attempt one task each time. Brush one day. Then bathe the next. And trim the nails on yet another day. […]

10 Facts You May Not Know About Dogs

10 Facts You May Not Know About Dogs two dogs in field

Do you think you know everything about our canine companions? Think again! Check out these 10 surprising facts about dogs. Your Dog is as Smart as a 2-Year-Old Toddler There’s a reason your tot and your pup get along so well: they speak the same language. Or at least, they likely understand roughly the same […]

What You Need To Know About The Dog Prostate

What You Need To Know About The Dog Prostate two dogs near sidewalk

The prostate is a gland that’s part of the reproductive system in many mammals, including humans and dogs, but did you know that almost all intact male dogs display prostate enlargement as they age? Many neutered dogs may as well. Fortunately, prostate enlargement in dogs does not necessarily pose a problem by itself, but it […]

6 Benefits Of Spaying And Neutering

6 Benefits Of Spaying And Neutering doberman puppy

Spaying or neutering your dog is part of responsible canine care. Not only does it help with the overpopulation problem, saving lives of countless animals, but it also has many benefits for the individual pup who has the procedure done. Here’s how you, your dog, and even your community can benefit from this procedure. Your […]

Tips For Couples Adopting A Dog

Tips For Couples Adopting A Dog couple with dog

If you want your significant other to celebrate a birthday or holiday by adopting a puppy, before you run out to your local shelter or dog rescue, it’s important to remember that a puppy is a living creature that will need to fit into your lifestyle. When you adopt, you’re making a commitment to provide […]