Bachelorette Star Tyler Cameron To Host A New Luxury Dog House Series Called ‘Barkitecture’

If you are both a huge fan of HGTV programs and a dog owner, then there is a show in the pipeline that is going to knock your socks off! One of the stars of The Bachelorette, Tyler Cameron, has announced he’s partnering with Delia Kenza – a Brooklyn-based designer. The pair will be hosting a luxury dog house design series called Barkitecture for the new streaming service, Quibi.

As the 26-year-old Cameron shared on Instagram, “Excited to share that I’m hosting #Barkitecture with the amazing@deliakenza coming soon to @quibi. We built some of the most insane dog houses you’ve ever seen. Special thanks to Harley for overseeing construction.”

Beside his post, the reality star included some cute selifes with his own dog, Harley.

Quibi – which is a mobile-only streaming service scheduled to debut April 2020 – announced the canine lifestyle show way back in September of 2019.

Quibi had previously shared the following with House Beautiful, saying, “Barkitecture captures the lifestyles of dog-loving, dog-obsessed people who are gifting their beloved fur-babies with the most ridiculously extravagant dog houses imaginable. In each episode, the hosts work with doggie parents to build a fully customized dog house that redefines sitting in the lap of luxury.”

The show is going to be executively produced by Courtney Smith, Audra Smith and Jake Haelen of Turn Card Content – which has teamed up with the Bravo Media in order to produce the series.

According to Deadline, Cameron recently started his own construction company. Meanwhile, Kenza’s specialty is doing urban renovations. Kenza’s work has been featured in New York Magazine and Brownstoner, as well as Dwell.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, co-founder of DreamWorks Animation, and Meg Whitman, the previous CEO and president of Hewlett Packard, both joined together in order to create Quibi. It has already garnered $1 billion in investments – in addition to lots of public support from Hollywood legends such as Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Lopez, and Zac Efron.

Once the platform is released, users will be able to access the platform with a $4.99 monthly subscription – $7.99 for no advertisements. The videos are expected to be short, however, they will still follow a long story arch over a period of time.


In addition to Barkitecture, the service will also air Wild Kingdom – which is a series of short documentaries produced by National Geographic, and they will be narrated by Chris Rock.

“It’s just sort of a circle of life of an animal, an elephant one week, a salamander the next week. It doesn’t really matter what the animal is,” Katzenberg said to Fortune.

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